Doppelganger zine - call for entries

My my, Miss Franipeg has been a busy bear!

Ever since our first conversation about zines she's been working on a new idea for a cool artists' book, called Doppelganger. It started off with my comment "wouldn't it be cool to do an Exquisite Corpse type thing as a zine..." and from that she built an extraordinarily more awesome idea...

This here be her call for entries to the book - you can see the full deets here.

The gunslinger shown in the pic (but is he a ghost? You'll have to wait and seeeeeeee!) is Fran's own entry for the book, which I think is a superb start.

The entry I am proposing will be totally different, but that's part of the fun - to see how people react to/adapt the initial brief. Mine will probably include a unicorn... Or perhaps a ghost-icorn... who knows!

If you'd like to contribute some artwork, and have your illustration bound into a neat book and sold at conventions around the country (excellent publicity, methinks) then go have a look at the Doppelganger FB page and Doppelganger blog.

I'll update when I've decided on my final illustration for the book... ooh, exciting!

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