a rather bizarre illustration request

I try and make an effort to draw birthday cards for friends and family, and it's usually incredibly amusing to be told what the boy wants me to draw for his friends or family's cards. The planned drawing for his younger brother's birthday next week was no exception.

"Wolves and tanks are manly, right? Could you draw a picture of a wolf driving
or riding in a paintball tank? It doesn't have to be realistic..."

Having had no experience of wolves driving or riding in vehicles of any sort, I found this a slightly difficult request, though of course the fact that it "didn't have to be realistic" (!) was something of a bonus. It's not easy to know how a wolf would look inside a paintball tank, or the angles at which his paws and tail would poke outside the tank opening, but hey ho, it didn't have to be realistic, and realistic it certainly was not.

In the end my "wolf" looked rather more like a dog than I had hoped, but I think the general gist is there, even if it was a fairly ridiculous concept to begin with...

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