a Grease-themed bout this weekend + a few more skate necklaces

After the first batch of skate portrait necklaces, it was kinda inevitable that some of the other Belles would want them too ;) so here's my second batch...

I don't know if it's obvious in the pics but I made slightly more effort to get the wheels right on these skates - like the detail of the girl in the pink Suregrip wheels and the wording in the Mayhem wheels (second from left).

I've officially joined our Belles Merchandise team now and I've got lots of plans for various Belles goodies to make, but I'm very busy making plans for this weekend - a couple of the girls I started Fresh Meat with back in January are already playing their first game for the Belles!

We have a double-header on Saturday - a mixed scrim (featuring some of our wonderful InterBelles) before the main game against the London Rockin' Rollers Rising Stars (LRR's B team). They're about 90 places higher in the national league than our little team, so whatever happens it's bound to be a darn good show! Plus it's Grease-themed so how can it be anything less than electrifying?*

I'm NSO-ing so I can't show any team allegiance during the bout, gah!

Come along and cheer on the Belles on my behalf if you're around!

For more info see the Facebook event here.

*I'm so sorry, I just had to.

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