Phew, all this Camdening has meant that my desk has been covered in masses of jewellery bits in various states of completion every day for the last couple of weeks.

My first day at Camden was pretty awesome - it was great chatting with other stallholders and wandering round seeing the other new traders, but it was bitterly cold and snowing for part of the day, so we barely saw a soul in the way of customers.

In a way though it was kinda nice to have a quiet first day - it meant we could think about stall improvements and fiddle around with displays as much as we needed to, without getting in the way of people who might have been looking at our stuff.

I got some ace feedback from the peeps who run the market, and my stall buddy Caroline and I have been asked to join a new craft initiative at Camden Lock Market on Fridays in April - so we'll be having our first one in a couple of days - eeeek!

If you're around on any Fridays in April, come and say hey!

3 hellos:

Sarah said...

Camdening, I like it! I Camden most days.

What time are you there until? I'll try to pop along one Friday after work if you'll still be there.

Vixie said...

The market is open until 6:30, so I'm there until about 6:45. Come and pop down when you can :)

Siobhan said...


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