investigation: how many birds can you get away with in one outfit?

So: being "on trend" might involve wearing one or two pieces with a theme, right? Well what if you wanted to be all on trend? Would wearing clothes/accessories all in the same theme be mega awesome or just ridiculous?

I've sketched an approximation of a chart to help us decide...

1 or 2 birds = on trend
3 or 4 birds = complementarily on trend
5 or 6 birds = a little bit keen
7 or 8 birds = getting a wee bit silly
9 birds or above = possibly excessive

...but then there's a glitch in the results and once you hit 21 you're back to awesome!?

Oh look at that, I even have an example of a 21 bird-ed outfit!
Coincidence? Um... no.

What birds do we have here then?


Sadly, I only own a handful of these items myself, so I imagine that would only get me into the "a bit keen" range... more birds needed, methinks!

1 hellos:

Alex said...

Hi Vixie, thanks so much for featuring my collar! No such thing as too much birdie stuff in my opinion. I am now lusting over all the things on this page! Alex :)

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