my first (almost) derby injury

After supremely falling (I'm told it was very impressive, though unfortunately no-one caught it on camera and I can't actually remember it) and subsequently, agonisingly, having dragged myself off to the side of the track, I was looked after by Donna and Kato who held much-needed icepacks on my back as I half sat/half lay in a very unfortunate position with tears of shock streaming down my face, and skaters whizzing past with effortless elegance and balance (grrrr!).

In the time I was off the track I tried to work out what had caused me to fall, but I still honestly don't know - I was skating along all fine and dandy, then before I had time to acknowledge it, my left leg just fell from under me and sent me f-l-y-i-n-g backwards with a spectacular crash landing.

The fact that my training skates are not "proper" derby skates might have had something to do with it, the wheels on those things are flippin' slippy. I mean, they're fine for larking about type skating, but not for the endurance type skating I have to put them through every week, and certainly not for manoeuvres.

I'm not saying that I fell because my skates are rubbish (it doesn't help that I'm still a bit rubbish), but having super slippery wheels certainly couldn't have helped. I've learned my lesson for sure though: once I'm up and about I'll definitely be getting some replacement skates with better wheels. I'm not risking falling like that again, it's been 3 and a half days and I'm still unable to walk about properly, sit comfortably, lie on my back or bend my knees. I'm just lucky I didn't do anything more serious.

The only good thing about being in an injured grump is that Jms has been bringing me home unexpected treats after work:

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Siobhan said...

Your PJS are awesome.

I hope you can walk again soon lovely lady xx

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