here's how my January has been so far...

OK OK, so I'm a couple of weeks late in saying this, but:


We saw in the New Year in a sensible grown-up fashion: over to a friends' house for dinner, board games, champagne and sporadic telly-watching. As the time approached, we changed the channel from the 2012 Hits Countdown to Jools Hollands' Annual Hootenanny just in time for the proper countdown, upon which Party Poppers popped, paper streamers strum (is that the past tense of stream?) and champagne flutes clinked as we welcomed in 2013.

Fearing for our sanity (Hootenanny is so very odd, and very very grown up), as soon as the countdown had peaked (or should that be nadired?) the telly was turned back to the 2012 Hits Countdown and we resumed our wild dancing with the exuberant joy that one only ever feels at New Years.

Finally, exhausted from our awesome displays of dance moves (some of which, I fear, may have been caught on camera), we settled into a few rounds of Fluxx before heading to bed.

The first morning of the New Year was a decidedly chilly one, and we started it by sitting around in our pyjamas and dressing gowns devouring scrambled eggs - a fine first breakfast of 2013.


The rest of January can be summed up in the form of bulletpoints:

  • I had my first ever rollerskating lesson - I've almost nailed crossovers
  • I started a hardcore fitness regime in preparation for Fresh Meat training - it hurts
  • Oh, and we had some snow - this is exciting, we don't often get snow in London

January so far has really been about one thing and one thing only: getting ready for the immense physical/emotional/mental journey that I am soon to be embarking upon: Roller Derby training.

Unfortunately, after suffering from severe chest pain and a somewhat terrifying inability to breathe properly, I was told yesterday by my nurse that I have bronchitis. Not just normal bronchitis, that would be too sensible, I have a hardcore long-standing infection deep down in my lungs, and another separate but less bad infection at the top of my lungs. I'm currently on the strongest dose of antibiotics I have ever been on (they make my mouth dry and the rest of my body all sleepy), but I am bloody well determined to fight these stupid infections and get back to training. In an odd way I never thought possible, I find I'm missing the gym.


I trust the New Year so far has been satisfying for you all, and preferably bronchitis-free?

2 hellos:

Claire said...

Poor sweet girl - I hope the meds do their stuff and you're feeling tiptop soon! Tea soon?

Siobhan said...

I hope you feel a lot better soon. Love you x

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