celebrating Burns Night

Last night was Burns Night, and having never celebrated it before, I was eager to do so this year. We arrived at Kate and Jason's door to be greeted by Jase wearing his kilt, sporran and finery. To up the Scottish-ness of his under-dressed guests, they had tartan bowties, hats and badges with which we were told to adorn ourselves, and dutifully did.

* Irn Bru, the Scots' drink of choice * James & me * Scottish sweeties *
* we brought the gift of Tunnock's teacakes * Susie & Mahdi * neeps and tatties *
* eat haggis we did! * Matthew addressing the haggis * traditional and little veggie haggi *
* shortbread Jenga deliberation * oopsy, Matthew * the look of disgust from James (!)*

It was a super fun evening - and my first ever try of haggis (I had the veggie one) - it was delicious!

Did you celebrate Burns Night?

2 hellos:

Claire said...

Fun fun! I tend not to, although a swally of Bru may have happened.

Siobhan said...

Lovely pictures! Great to see you xx

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