this is how my perfect birthday looks

Tomorrow is my birthday.

I'm not terribly good with birthdays, so I figured I'd pretty much just ignore it this year. I'll probably go out with the boy before heading home with a few friends for an evening of playing games, eating cake and generally being silly.

I thought I'd post a couple of ideas of my perfect birthday anyway though, so here goes:

{the perfect birthday outfit}

{1//dress} {2//heart necklace} {3//tights} {4//cardigan}

{the perfect birthday hair}

{} {} {}

{the perfect birthday nails}

{} {} {}

{the perfect birthday snacks}

{} {} {}

{the perfect birthday cake}

{} {} {}

What would your perfect birthday involve?

10 hellos:

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

So many perfect things! Especially those slip-on shoes have me super excited!!!

Alli said...

I have to admit I'm pretty terrible with birthdays too. I spent mine alone watching regular show and adventure time! I hope you have a nice one, and you have a superb taste in birthday stuff :)

Alli xx

Vixie said...

Glad you guys like my choices :)

Watching Adventure Time is an excellent way to spend your birthday! I've decided I'm having a Christmas Birthday day tomorrow :)

Alexa said...

Ok, clearly we love almost exactly the same things! Have a wonderful birthday!!!

Vixie said...


Thanks so much, Lexy!

Claire said...

Definitely that Wheel of Fortune cake! Have a lovely day, darling girl!

Scarlet said...

Sounds like quite a party. Love the outfit, hair and snacks. I'm visitin from the County Mouse blog...lovely interview, btw.

Happy Birthday and keep celebrating!

Vixie said...

Hi Scarlet! Nice to see you! Glad you like my little selection of goodies :)

Siobhan said...


Vixie said...

Aren't they just incredible???? I had to base the entire outfit around them, they're just so special!

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