sparkly butterfly party bag fillers

I have been a very busy bee so far this week - my lovely friend Caroline of Funk E Angels has asked me to make some sparkly butterflies to use in her awesome handmade party bags.

I'm ever so slightly disappointed that such awesome party bags weren't available when I was little - sure, we had the plastic ones with cheap toys, a box of sweeties and a slice of birthday cake, but Caroline's are handmade to a specific theme and filled with fancy goodies - rather than foam bird gliders, clackers or maze puzzles!

She's putting together some incredibly girly party bags this week, and pink was the overall colour scheme... wanna see how I've been getting on?

some of the unfinished butterflies - and an unusually small amount of loose glitter!

What are your memories of party bags?

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Siobhan said...

So cute! Party bags were always a cheap plastic toy, crayons and some cake when I were a lass!

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