my favourite things this week #55 - birthday edition!

kitsch kitty cat cups from Pilfered

I looooove this Vixen necklace by Jemima Lumley

pretty green owl necklace from Little Moose

super cute narwhal pin from boygirlparty

an amazing unicorn flower crown DIY by Juise

2 hellos:

Alli said...

Holy glob I need that necklace! I love the tights too but my dog would destroy them... Maybe I should just get a unicorn tattoo instead?
Hope your birthday is rad!

Alli xx

Vixie said...

The unicorn one? It's amazing, isn't it? Flippin' love it.

Oooh, a unicorn roaming/dancing/whatever unicorns do(ing) down your leg would be an awesome tat to get! DO IT!

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