must have Monday: raccoons

I really like raccoons.
They have ace little faces and awesome tails.

If I had seen raccoons snooping through my rubbish or stealing things from my garden, however, I probably wouldn't be so fond of them - but since the only time we see raccoons in the UK is at the zoo, I'm really rather keen on their cute bandit faces and striped tails... and just look at this pretty variety of raccoon-y interpretations:

1// t-shirt from Grey Cumulus
2// tiny polymer clay necklace from Ku Ki Shop
3// raccoon ring from Spot Light Jewelry
4// raccoon brooch from So Little Time Co.
5// wooden brooch from One Little Red Fox
6// raccoon print top from Republic
7// silver necklace from Lulu Bug Jewelry
8// sweater from Lacoste
9// striped t-shirt from Mis Nopales Art
10// pin badge from xo Azuree
11// chevron raccoon necklace from Periwinkle Nuthatch
12// raccoon girl pin from Murmur Fremo

And of course, who can forget the greatest raccoons of them all???

7 hellos:

Siobhan said...

"This is the Evergreen Forest, quite, peaceful serene...that is until Bert Raccoon wakes up. Luckily he has some good friends to help him out..."

I like raccoons too x

Vixie said...

Indeed! Raccoons are super :)

Emily said...

Love your post- I think raccoons are pretty awesome too. Thanks so much for featuring my chevron raccoon necklace!

Vixie said...

Hi Emily! I super love your necklace, it was the first item I found when I decided to write about raccoons :)

Alli said...

Ohhhh rad! Racoons are 100% darling. I may have to draw one today, in fact :)

Alli xx

Vixie said...

Yeah they are! Put your raccoon up on your blog - I wanna see more of your illustrations!

Sara said...

I'm loving that sweater!

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