I (electra) heart you, Marina!

I saw Marina & The Diamonds for the first time last week - and it was AMAZING!

Earlier in the day I'd been feeling a bit down and drowsy, but as soon as the stage lit up I was wide awake, happily bopping along to every song and taking in every little detail - including 4 costume changes, a special appearance from Marilyn the dog, and singing Happy Birthday to her dad who was in the audience.


♥♥♥ She's my favourite ♥♥♥

Have any of you seen her live?

2 hellos:

Alli said...

I'm listening to her right now, such a huge fan over here! So jelly :)

Alli xx

Vixie said...

She's defo top of my crush list - I luuuuuuurve her!

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