self-employment: one week in

"And how has your first full week of self-employment been?", I hear you wondering quietly to yourself. It's OK, you can ask, I don't mind letting you take a little peek into my life...

You've already heard about my first day (and what a successful day that was... not!) so let me tell you, in list form, what the rest of my first week has involved.

This week I have:

started listening to awesome French pop music
spent waaaaaaaay too much time (and monies) on eBay
received a handwritten letter from a very good friend I've not seen in years
taken nearly 200 product photos
ordered 100 jiffy bags

 watched 12 episodes of New Girl
failed to start writing a business plan
been to Ikea only once
napped 0 times (woo!)
made a bunch of tiny bunting for a guest post
drawn dozens of origami cranes
sent some tiny bunnies to my sweet cousin who started secondary school this week
really hurt my knee/hamstring, which has hindered my gym progress somewhat :/
photographed 1 sunset (more to come, I promise!)
visited the Christmas shop at Selfridges with Oli
had a splendid lunch date with my good friend Laura
taught Yoyo how to do a new trick
finally got my printer working again
not stayed in my pyjamas for a whole day
purchased a heat gun and some pretty embossing powders
eaten 4 Parisian macarons - and they were stupidly expensive and crazy tasty
made lots of Polyvore outfits - it's an actual addiction
listened to many hours of music and almost lost my voice from singing along
sent out 8 parcels of goodies for various customers
made a great many tiny pinwheels for necklaces
received an exciting email... but more on that when deets have been confirmed

{my week in music}

So that's not bad right? And I've sold at least one item from my shop every day this week, so that's a bonus.

Then last night I had a lovely dinner date with the wonderful Kazatron. She took me to GBK in Spitalfields - mmm, falafel and onion rings and extra avocado. Although we see each other all the time, we don't often go out anywhere so it was nice to be somewhere other than each others' houses for a change.

We're both a bit in the wars at the moment, I've done something to my hamstring (ice, compression, elevation - I know the drill, I've just been too busy to do any of it!) and she badly hurt her ankle last week - so much so that it now resembles a bloated beetroot, eek.

After telling her my potentially exciting news, she immediately put a downer on it by forcing me to discuss a whole bunch of legal business stuff (damn law graduates!) but we quickly moved onto more interesting things like the TV show "Ed" that I watched religiously while I was at uni, and how ace it was and how I should really try to find it so I can re-watch it all, and how much I want to try tap-dancing and gigs we'd been to as youths and nu-metal. If I'd known earlier that the girl I call my best friend likes Papa Roach, I'm not sure we'd be friends at all. However, I'm a little too invested in this friendship now, so I guess I'll just have to pretend I didn't hear what she said.

We came home after a few hours and many, many onion rings, and by that time were seriously craving some System of a Down. It's been a very long time since I've listened to System, so it was quite a refreshing change, and brought back a lot of teenage memories. Oh Daron Malakian, you were one of my favourite first loves:

What an odd/busy/painful/emotional/exciting/nostalgic/expensive week it has been!
I can't wait to see what the next one brings!

2 hellos:

Claire said...

I am jealous of your Christmassy fun!

Vixie said...

it wasn't as good as last year's display, I'm afraid :(

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