punctuation: a belated celebration

So it seems that it was National Punctuation Day the other day (in the US at least - I'm pretty sure every day is Punctuation Day here in the UK!) - so I've been looking at some pretty pretty punctuation goodies. Wanna see some of my favourites?

{1//ascii bunny bowl from LLTownley Ceramic}
{2//semicolon brooch from Nerd Goddess}
{3//exclamation mark earrings from Epheriell}
{4//question mark necklace from Allium Online}
{5//comma cross stitch pattern from Nerdy Little Stitcher}
{6//full stop cufflinks from Gwen Delicious}

{7//punctuation card set from householder/surface}
{8//double negative cross stitch pattern from Nerdy Little Stitcher}
{9//punctuation print from FishCakes}
{10//ampersand and commas necklace from Darling Studio}
{11//interrobang pendant from All Strung Out Jewelry}
{12//typewriter key earrings from Precious Pastimes}

How do you feel about wearing punctuation marks?

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