Polyvore lovin'

After my post about the problems I face with my hatred of social media, I've decided that perhaps Polyvore should be the one I concentrate lots of effort on - and it might well pay off....

not resulted in any sales yet, but certainly people are seeing my stuff - and getting your stuff noticed must be the first part of marketing, right?

Following lots of item clipping, a bunch of people ha
ve used my items in their own outfits - have a looksy at these pretties!

pink bow necklace used in {untitled 347} by diva200025 

pink bow necklace used in {flowers} by Kate

2 hellos:

Siobhan said...

The people who have used your items clearly have great taste - I want all the outfits!

Vixie said...

me too! they are such clever bears!

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