elevated envelopeeeeeeee!

Aaaaaages ago I signed up for Tara's project, The Elevated Envelope, but I completely forgot to post pictures of the envelopes I made, so here they are... better late than never, right?

My envelopes were all folded from tracing paper, which was drawn on and covered in pretty tape. Included inside the little packages was a little length of tiny bunting, some tiny envelopes with strawberries on, a tiny origami crane and some pretty bunny confetti. It was such fun putting everything together!

I was a little disappointed not to receive many envelopes back - when everyone was supposed to receive 10 envelopes I only received 5 - but hey, that's always a risk when you sign up for online swapsies, I guess.

Have you taken part in any crafty swaps recently?

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