business: I've got the social media crazies

With all this running a business as a one-woman show, I'm having to do all the less awesome things which go alongside running a business, like learning how to *big myself up*, promote my products, and attempt to use social media in a useful way - and I have to admit I am finding it less than easy.

I have this bloggy blog, which I'm pretty good at updating, and although I do have some loyal readers (thanks guys!) I'm nowhere near the big league, and at least a little part of that could be due to the fact I hate using social media.

I have a personal Facebook account, on which I plan events, play Scrabble and occasionally wish old acquaintances happy birthdays, but I don't think I have the patience to build a Facebook fan page for my business. Is that foolish? Am I missing out on beaucoup de connections because of sheer stubbornness?

My twitter is an interesting little beast - sometimes I get all excited and tweet like my life depends on it, tweeting to crafters and celebrities and all sorts, but other times I just have literally nothing interesting to say, and I don't feel that bombarding people with the minutiae of my daily activities is a terribly good way of getting them to engage with me/my business/my products. Maybe I'm wrong there as well - maybe that is what people want to see? I've never really "got" twitter, if I'm honest.

Then there's everyone's favourite online pinboard, Pinterest. I often find myself pinning everyone else's stuff left, right and centre, but I'm not sure how OK is it to pin your own products... is that a done thing? Or is it frowned upon?

Finally, we have the wonder that is Polyvore. Oh Polyvore, you're so pretty and encourage me to dream about owning gold jeans and dressing up like an okapi, not to mention all the fun we have designing an ice cream themed wardrobe!

All this working from home malarkey has given me a chance, nay - an excuse, to indulge my cheeky little Polyvore habit, and as well as being my favourite method of procrastination, it has also given me an opportunity for some shameless self-promotion...

Unlike the other social media types I mentioned above, I can happily "clip" away, adding all of my pretty things to the site, and then publish outfits which have been designed around a particular piece.

It's possibly the most subtle form of self-promotion ever, and that's exactly what I like about it. It's not too showy + it doesn't involve me talking about myself = perfect! I will perhaps need to start doing it seriously if I'm going to use it to highlight my products and actually get anyone to see any of the outfits, but I'm working on it.

I've only made a couple of outfits so far, wanna see 'em?

{necklace // Matin Lapin} {cardigan // Topshop} {blouse // Wallis} {shoes // Mel}
{skirt // Temperley London} {ring // Astley Clarke} {earrings // 1928 Jewelry}

{necklace // Matin Lapin} {earrings // Forzieri} {pink shoes // H&M} {dress // Modcloth}

Do you think I should carry on Polyvoring or try out some new social media sites?
How do you find social media interaction?

2 hellos:

Kelly Morrison said...

Such pretty outfits :) You have a good eye!


Vixie said...

Aw, thanks Kelly! I have plenty more outfits coming, I am a.d.d.i.c.t.e.d!

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