my not-so-secret love of rock gardens

The first time I moved in with a boy I was dating was waaaay back in university. One of the first things I did upon my appropriation of his abode was tidy his garden. I created a little spiral rock garden between the patio area and the lawn, to pretty the place up a bit.

It took hours of effort to design exactly where I wanted the plants and rocks to go, and by the end
of it I was beaming with pride. He didn't really seem to notice all my hard work, and I can honestly say that the thing I miss most about that relationship is the rock garden.

But now I have a tiny flat with a tiny balcony all of my very own, in which I can create anything I like, and what I like is rock gardens. Oh yes. Nothing fancy pants, just a little one. You've seen my balcony, right, it's going to have to be the size of a shoebox if it's going to fit outside. But no matter, it'll be awesome anyhow.

So, my rock garden needs to:

♥ be teeny weeny
 house some succulents or other hardy/brave plants
 be super pretty

That's doable, right?
Sure - check these beauts out!

If only I had enough room to do something immense like this...

Do you have a rock garden?
Please tell me you guys understand the appeal of rock gardens (unlike so many people!)???

4 hellos:

Anonymous said...

I really love rock gardens, such as you do!!
They're fascinating!

Vixie said...

They are so beautiful, I would love an entire garden of mini rock gardens!

Michelle said...


Vixie said...

I think the little turtle is the most adorable - I'm searching high and low for one!

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