must have: capybaras

I'm pretty sure there was a capybara in my dream last night, and what better reason to write a post about them today? Also, they're my friend Laura's new favourite animal so that's another reason right there. I don't think I even need another reason - just look at them!

So, capybaras are awesome.
They are like huge guinea pigs, and they can sleep in water and that's pretty neat.

Now let's look at some pretty things...

{rocking capybara print from Office Supply}
{happy capybara print from Subarashii}
{capybara brooch from Made By White}
{capybara necklace from Look Meem}
{capybara pillow by Nicola Rowlands}
{hand-carved capybara stamp from Ayu Tomikawa Art}
{Cappy the capybara by thepandalion}
{C is for capybara print by Sarajea}
{crooning capybara notecards from Paper Victory}
{capybara ACEO from Suzanne's Gallery}
{capybara in boots}
{capybara graffiti photo by Broken Crow}

how do you feel about capybaras?
do you think they could be the new 'It' animal?

9 hellos:

Missy said...

Now that is a cute capybara!

What neat goodies!

Campfire Chic said...

Thank first photo? Totally adorable! It made me 'aww' in an obnoxious way ;)

Vixie said...

I was going to include a regular picture of a capybara, but then I saw that one and I couldn't resist the cuteness! They're so awesome!

Claire said...

They are very cute (but not as good as kittehs or badgers ;)).

Siobhan said...

Capybaras are cute - and that first picture is adorable.

Anonymous said...

I never knew there were so many capybara products out there!

Vixie said...

me neither - but there are loads, these are just my favourite ones!

Laura said...


Vixie said...

I'm glad you approve, Miss Laura :)

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