inspiration: 20 of the best spool DIYs

It was the wonderful Emily's birthday a few weeks back and I bought her some (though I say so myself) fabulous little gifties!

As well as the 'practically perfect in every way' deco tape that I knew she had her eye on, I also found this little dolly made by Emma of The Lucky Fox and knew from the moment I saw the red hair, immaculately made-up face and bunting ribbon that it was an Emily-worthy gift.

Ever since finding that spool dolly I've been a bit spool-craft obsessed... I've been scouring the interwebs looking for spools and DIYs so I can have a play with some myself, and create my own little spool dollies/jewellery/decorations.

Here are some of the prettiest and most creative spool crafts I have found:

{one} {two} {three} {four} {five}

{six} {seven} {eight} {nine} {ten}

Do you like spools as much as these folks seem to?

Any of these projects take your fancy?

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