inside my music box

When I was 5 years old I was given a beautiful music box with a picture of Cicily Mary Barker's narcissus Flower Fairy on the lid. When you open it up there is a ballerina who dances round to music from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake when you turn the key at the back.

The box has been in storage for about 10 years, but I finally got it back a couple of weeks ago. It's interesting and rather enlightening to see what kinds of things were deemed by me (between the ages of 5-18) special enough to make it into the music box.

Want to see the treasures it contained?

1// half sixpence friendship necklace from my best friend Violet (1995)
2// a tiny stitched owl I made when I was 7 (1989)
3// ladybird button from my dressing gown (1988)
4//crosses belonging to my mum, which I guess she gave to me at some point (unknown)
5// owl charm from my uncle Hector (1990)
6// an old necklace belonging to my mum which I adored when I was little (1989)
7// my first ever Sylvanian Families figure, her name is Melissa and she's a beaver (1988)
8// a bracelet given to me by my first serious boyfriend Matt (1998)
9// dog tags friendship necklace from Kesha, leaving present when I moved schools (1995)
10// I was obsessed with silver rings when I was in my first year of high school (1993/4)
11// ...and before that I was really into unusual brooches, this was from my daddy (1991)
12// a piece of rock from Chamonix in France (1996)
13// my cousin Clare and I used to collect pigs, I tried to collect the smallest ones (1991)
14// a piece of Tiger's Eye from my daddy (1993)
15// this necklace spells out 'dumb' - my friend Claire and I loved Dumb & Dumber (1995)
16// 18 key from my Godmother (2000)
17// black cat brooch from a friend of my dad's (1994)
18// butterfly hat pin from my Granny B (1989)
19// an old crazy 80's earring belonging to my mum, it's so sparkly (1988)
20// iridescent rock (I think it's peacock ore (chalcopyrite) from my daddy (unknown)
21// "blob ring" made by my daddy's friend Tanya (1990/1)
22// my brother William's wrist tag from the day he was born (1996)
23// the gold I found while panning for gold in Australia (1997)
24// silver Christening bracelet from my baptism (1982)
25// a charm I bought the first time I went to the US (1992)
26// feathers from the birds who lived in the flat next to ours when I was growing up (1988)
27// my favourite green hairclip (1988)
28// the first badge I made using a badge machine (the excitement!) (1987)
29// a necklace of my nickname during my first couple of years of high school (1996)

What an odd selection of "treasures"!

Did you have a "special things" box when you were younger?
Do you have one now? 
What's in yours?

2 hellos:

Siobhan said...

I always have a special things box on the go and love yours. Its great to look back and see who you were sometimes and how much of you still is the same or has changed.

Vixie said...

I've not really had one for ages, but I have various boxes for tickets from shows and stuff, and one for letters.

It was pretty weird seeing all that stuff and it bringing back all these memories from my early teenage years. Very odd indeed!

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