bouncy bouncy fun times

It was a drizzly grey morning as we left to meet Laura for bouncy bouncy fun times at Hampstead Heath. We weren't at all sure if it was going to be worth it upon seeing the stretching queue of people waiting and the impending dark clouds overhead, but we patiently waited in line, willing the clouds to hold out for just a little while longer.

We reached the front of the queue and the giddiness of excitement overtook us. With our shoes tucked neatly behind the small fence surrounding the bounce area, we leapt onto the air-filled monument and the senses went crazy. Bouncing as an adult is vastly different to memories of bouncing as a child, but no less gleeful.

We can't have been on the thing for more than about 15 minutes, but man did we get a lot of bouncing done in that time - there was regular bouncing, landing on your bum bouncing, trying to jump up from a seated position bouncing, and at the end we even had a race around the inflated stones.

As the whistle blew to signify our time had come to an end, we felt the first splodges of rain. Perfect timing.

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Laura said...

Hurray for bouncing! Also, good thing I sneaked my shorts on!

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