a cake-and-crafting Princess party

Sometimes all you need after a long week is a nice relaxing day spent with some good friends, preferably involving cake and crafting. And that's exactly what I did last weekend - Georgia and Alison popped over for tea, cake, crafting and Disney Princess films.

Alison knocked on my door wearing glittery fairy wings and brandishing a wand - a perfect start to the afternoon - and brought with her the most amazing homemade cupcakes (and her own cake stand, no less!). Half of the cupcakes were vanilla sponge with purple butterflies atop, and the other half were vanilla and raspberry flavour with pink flowers and glittery shimmer sugar on them - and both were utterly delicious.

Georgia was beautifully dressed in a mint green dress, with a tiara and everything. My trousers and t-shirt combo was not the most princess-y, but I did have a wand and a tiara, so I was at least a little in character.

We started the afternoon with a little tour of my new studio - where many boxes were opened and taken into the living room in order to create pretty things while watching films. As Alison didn't have a tiara, and Georgia had no wand, they set about making them as we put on the first film - 'Sleeping Beauty' - which I had never seen before. 

After that we had 'Beauty and the Beast' and then 'Aladdin', before the boys turned up. They're not so into the princess thing, so they got to choose the next film - and they chose 'Wizard of Oz'. No princesses, but a bunch of flying monkeys so it's all good.

We ate vast amounts of pizza, scoffed the last of the cakes and then played a few rounds of Oz Fluxx before ending the night with a couple of rounds of Zoo Am I?, which is fast becoming our favourite late-night game. It is, perhaps, a little ridiculous that a simple game for young children can be so fascinatingly fun for a bunch of grown-ups, but it really is!

As the streets outside quietened down, we dozily walked our guests to the local train station where we said our goodbyes, before strolling back home through the streets of Walthamstow in the crisp evening air.

5 friends. 4 films. Probably slightly too much cake, but an awesome day nonetheless!

4 hellos:

Anonymous said...

Awesome day! Although I did have some seriously weird film-based dreams that night (Oz flying monkeys combined with Snape = scary)

Vixie said...

Teehee, it's no wonder - all that sugar and all that weirdness, it was bound to happen! I have weird enough dreams at the best of times, so it was nothing odd for me!

Siobhan said...

sounds just wonderful x

Vixie said...

it was ace - I'll invite you to the next one x

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