yellow seahorses in a dreamy violet lagoon

Last Friday I witnessed a pretty horrible incident at work with an abusive and threatening colleague. Not nice, especially in my last week of working there, but hey. I'm out of there now (last day was yesterday) and off to big up my creative business (after a week or two off - I'm exhausted!)

The evening of the incident I saw my massage therapist and I was pretty shaken, but she calmed me down by making me think of yellow. Yep, she's just that good that it managed to make me calm down almost immediately. Clever Charlotte!

One would generally assume that telling someone to think about yellow might make them imagine a sunshiney day or some pretty flowers maybe, but when I was told to surround myself in yellow I could think of nothing but seahorses. Not only could I think of nothing but seahorses, but they were in a beautiful purple lagoon, naturally!

For almost an hour I imagined them swimming about having a jolly old time, and by the end of the session I was more relaxed than I have been for months. Good ol' seahorses make everything better!

2 hellos:

Anonymous said...

Very lovely and soothing - thanks!

Vixie said...

glad you like it!

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