umbrella print dresses

When I was little I had the most amazing wardrobe - my mum was forever knitting me cardigans and purses, and my nana used to make me smocking dresses every year. It was pretty ace.

One of my favourite dresses was a gorgeous shade of jungle green with a cute collar and it was covered in tiny multicoloured umbrellas. I can't find a picture of me wearing it anywhere in my family albums, but I'm pretty sure I'm not imagining it.

If you try searching for dresses with umbrellas on these days, you don't get a lot of choice. Here are the ones I found...

*I know this one doesn't actually have umbrellas on it, but it looks kinda like an umbrella and that counts, right?

The only other option when you search around for "umbrella dress" is this baby:

Fabulous as it is, it's not exactly practical for the mean streets of Walthamstow! 

What was your favourite item of clothing from childhood?

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