happy Ilyap'a day!

Ilyap'a is one of my favourite weather-related gods, along with Quetzalcoatl's twin brother Xolotl, the jackal-ish Egyptian god of storms, Set, and everyone's favourite thunder god, Thor.

I've never been as interested in Incan deities as perhaps I should be, considering I love whole groups of other Central and South American deities, but Ilyap'a is an exception . He was said to keep the Milky Way in a jug and used it to create rain.

If that's not a good enough excuse to celebrate his feast day, I don't know what is!

So, without further ado:

2 hellos:

Little Miss Delicious said...

Thanks so much for including my Thunder Cloud Felt Accessory :) xo

Vixie said...

You're welcome - I love your cute angry cloud!

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