must have: pretty sequinned things #1

The ultimate joys in my life (other than Yoyo, natch) are no secret:

Sparkly things

I have previously written in detail about my love of Eurovision and cardigans, but I feel sparkly things deserve a post or two all of their own for a change... and what better than to start with the most wonderful of sparkles - sequins.

For as long as I can remember I have loved sequins. I used to receive tiny boxes of Indian sequins in my stockings at Christmas, and rarely could I walk past local sari shops without pressing my nose to the windows, condensation forming as I drooled over the gorgeous sequin-adorned fabrics.

A teacher at my primary school, Mrs Jeffrey, wore the most beautiful saris, and I was oh so jealous of the beautiful silk wraps some of my friends wore to school on special occasions. And it really was only special occasions that one thought to wear sequins.

I know they're a wee bit showy, but I kinda wish I could wear sequins every day - even if it's just subtle. Or not - it's all good!

5// sequin deer dress by Markus Lupfer 6// bronze sequin dress from Jane Norman

How do you feel about sequins?
Would you wear any of these dresses (to work or otherwise)?

2 hellos:

Siobhan said...

Sequins are for everyday not just for special. I think so anyway.

Clothes that make you smile should be allowed always :)

Vixie said...

I can't wait to wear sequins every day when I work for myself :)

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