Kam's disposable camera swap - come and sign up!

The very first blog I ever started reading was Kam's blog, Campfire Chic. Kam is super awesome, she's little and feisty and loves adventures! Her blog is full of all those adventures in climbing, hiking, mud running, and, of course, camping!

Her most recent project is one that I just couldn't resist - plus it will encourage me to have all kinds of Kam-inspired adventures in order that my pics are awesome for the receiver!

What is it all about?
  • You sign up
  • You get matched with somebody else
  • You buy a disposable camera
  • You take photos using the camera (keeping in mind any requests you get from your match)
  • You send your disposable camera (filled with photos) to your match
  • You receive a filled disposable camera from somebody else
  • You develop the photos, upload them, and share!

You have until Monday to sign up, and you can do so on Kam's blog

Anyone else want to join me in this project?

2 hellos:

Lily Darger said...

This sounds like so much fun!! I can't wait to see what everybody shares!

Vixie said...

I'm so excited, I've not done anything like this in ages! Bought my camera today, just need to wait for some nice weather now ;)

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