a tiny little gym mistake

Monday was pretty rubbish. By the time lunchtime came round it took all my effort not to run away to the gym to let off some steam from the Morning of Awful, but I managed to last until late afternoon.

Once I was in my gear and all psyched up, however, there was no stopping me. I did a bit of cardio and then decided that I needed to do some resistance and that somehow it would help lift my awful mood.

If I can give you one piece of advice ever, it would be this:

do not do resistance when you're crazy tense
with anger - or your body will punish you.

On Monday evening I felt so much better for having pumped out all of my anger. On Tuesday I was kinda achey, but OK. This morning I couldn't get out of bed. I couldn't stand up, let alone walk around. My quads were totally solid, and I have to tell you that Googling "my quads hurt, how can I make it stop?" is not terribly helpful. Especially if you can't get up in order to walk to the kitchen to dig out the rolling pin.

It was with very good intentions that I went to the gym, but never again will I head straight there after a super sucky day at work.

Let's hope that my entire day of rest and telly-watching will do the trick, and tomorrow my legs will have remembered how to work. In the mean time, I can dream of this...

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Christi Lynn said...

i love those "hey girl" poster things! haha i am your newest follower!

Anonymous said...

You almost did the right thing. Exercise is great for making you feel better after a sucky day. What I would probably do is stick to cardio. Make sure you cool down and then stretch properly too. And then go home and have an epsom salt bath - does your new place have a bath?

We were talking about the muscle ache you get two days after exercising at physio class last night. My physio said that it's actually your muscle fibres tearing, and on an MRI it looks really scary. The good news is they then reattach themselves, stronger than before.

Siobhan said...


If you are tense grab the foam roller. It's amazing.

And yes, cardio good for tension but possibly worth sticking to that - also I find when I go in the morning it helps me cope with the sucky day that follows after better. :)

Vixie said...

I just really felt like hurting something, pity I ended up breaking myself! Will stick to cardio next time :)

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