must have - nostalgic love: the spirograph

I've been meaning to get this bad boy out and play with it for ages, but I keep forgetting or being side-tracked by other pretties... and this week is no different. Instead of playing with it, I've been looking at pretty spirograph-inspired goodies...

1// Karlsson spirograph clock // Urban Outfitters
2// spirograph pitcher // Ninainvorm
3// string art // hownowdesign
4// spirograph necklace // miette
5// spirocycle cards // Nikki Cross Applesauce
6// spirograph necklace // Trincar Uvas
7// spirograph art // Lesley Halliwell
8// spirograph pendant // sushipot
9// spirograph and bunting plate // Ninainvorm

*oops, I forgot to number the spirograph tags from russianforest

Oh, the possibilities...!

And check this out for some inspiration... The Human Spirograph!

3 hellos:

Suzanna Scott said...

Such a great childhood memory! Thanks for featuring my pendants too. Long live the Spirograph :)

Vixie said...

Hi Suzanna - you're very welcome! I love my spirograph, can't wait to give it a go!

Siobhan said...

I loved my spirograph and played with it for hours and hours and hours.

I still love the colours from the pens that came with them, and love putting those colours together. :)

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