a kitty brooch for Zoe

It must be about a year ago that I read about Zoe's kitty Daisy being a very unwell girl indeed, and at the time I sent lots of words of support, made donations towards Daisy's vet bills via Zoe's Etsy sale and her blog, Giraffe In A Scarf, and generally worried about Daisy rather a lot.

When Zoe told us that Miss Daisy would be fine, I was a very relieved girly and unsure how to express this, I decided to make her something - a little Daisy brooch (and then a Yoyo one for myself!)

In the studio sorting/house move and life in general the brooch got buried under a bunch of stuff, but I found it not long ago and sent it off to Zoe who's just posted to say she's received it.

I'm so glad she likes it, and I'm even more glad to hear Daisy is still being a good girl and that all the cats have kept away from eating any more thread!

2 hellos:

Anonymous said...

:) Thanks again! The craft room is definitely a cat free zone now, and I'm completely paranoid about ribbons/shoelaces/loose threads on things!

Vixie said...

I've been extra careful with all my ribbons and wool too, and I'm glad the cats can't get to your craft room any more! Love to you all xxx

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