black poppies and dandelion clocks

With the ongoing crazy pressure in my little brain box, I thought perhaps I should see my holistic lady about trying to make it go away. I figure a lot of the pain is down to tension in the muscles in my neck, so I went for one of my therapeutic neck massages.

As usual, she played me some soothing music to help me relax and told me to take deep breaths and imagine I was in a field full of flowers. A little creepily, all I could visualise were black poppies and dandelion clocks. She asked me to imagine the redness of the poppies, but they were only very rarely red in places, the rest of them were totally jet black. The bluebells and violets she asked me to imagine were impossible, and all I could see, other than the poppies, were the seeds of the dandelion clocks floating away on the breeze. It was a little eerie, but really quite beautiful.

I was inspired to make a treasury of pretty things after the session:

I think they complement each other really nicely, what do you think?

2 hellos:

Siobhan said...

They do sound like a creepy but ethereal and beautiful combination and your treasury really helped me visualise it. x

Vixie said...

Thanks - it really was quite unlike anything I've ever imagined before!

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