making earrings on a whim

I've finally started making things other than bows for my shop... I needed something small that I could transport easily to my craft fair, and on a whim I made these cute little stud/post earrings. The hearts are about 1cm wide, so not super duper tiny, but pretty small. I just kinda wish I had my ears pierced so I could show them off!

And a day after listing them, a purple pair was featured in a treasury, yippee!

The rest of the earrings are available here.

2 hellos:

The Tote Trove said...

These are super cute! I especially like the brightly colored cards on which they're displayed. I don't have pierced ears either but am always seeing earrings I love, so I know what you mean. If only I could push through the pain!

Vixie said...

I know, I think it'd be worth it if I could pluck up the courage! I had my ears pierced when I was 16 and they closed up in no time, but perhaps it's time to get it done again!

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