craft stall analysis and inspiration

I attended a craft fair as a stallholder for the first time in about 10 years the other week, and although our stall looked pretty cute, it wasn't as super duper snazzy as it could have been...

stall analysis - possible good things:

it was eye-catching - there was a selection of different items
nice bright colours and sparkly bits made people interested
items clearly labelled with description and price
most items were loose so people could pick them up to have a closer look
different height levels to add interest
items were cheap, so could be bought on a whim

stall analysis - possible bad things:

maybe too many things - was the stall overwhelming/cramped?
bright colours and glitter could be seen as a bit childish/silly
not enough variety of items
not enough difference in price - e.g. there was nothing over £10
not original enough - it was a pretty standard display style

Can you think of anything I might have missed?

Since then I've bought a letter rack to hold cards, a tiered cake stand to hold little trinket-y things, and a heart-shaped wicker box just for fun...

...but what better way to get inspiration than to look at other peoples' stalls? Look at some of these great stall pics I found:

7 // baskets and suitcases from needle book
8 // cute cloud displays from Timber!
11 // awesome fabric-covered crate by weggart

Can you think of any interesting ways to snazz up my stall for next time?

3 hellos:

Animal Cafe said...

i'm glad you posted about this because i've had no luck in looking for displaying my cards! The turquoisey one will help loads though! xx

Vixie said...

We have plenty more fairs to do - and hopefully we'll get some more inspiration on Saturday!

Ms. Ward said...

You are so sweet! Thanks so much for posting pics to my Babee Crafts stall!

Jen @babeecrafts

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