must have: pom-poms galore

When I was little, one of my favourite things to make were pom pom animals. My mum showed me how to make them using spare wool from her many knitting projects and 2 cardboard rings, adding features and details after the pom poms were fat enough.

For at least a few consecutive Christmases my grandparents must have been thoroughly unsurprised as they fondled their squidgy gift from me, knowing full well it was going to be yet another pom pom animal to add to their extensive pom pom zoos. I have never forgotten how to make them, though I must admit it has been about 20 years since I actually tried my hand at it. 

I've seen loads of pretties involving/lined by/trimmed with pom poms - they are just about everywhere at the moment! With the knowledge that pom poms must be "on trend", I would like to share some of my favourite pom-pom-containing items with you.

Before we start though, I just want to get one thing clear - although we call these fuzzy balls 'pom-poms', they are actually pom-pons - derived from the French word 'pompon' meaning a small decorative ball made from fabric or feathers. There's your fact of the day. You're welcome.

// cake toppers from CupcakeWishesStore // scarf by ForYouDesign // socks pattern from The Purl Bee //

Phew! After all that awesomeness I'm so tempted to make everyone pom pom animals (or other pom pom goodies) for their birthdays and Christmas to bring back all those memories!

Oooh, or how about making pom pom animals like these bad boys by Troy Emery?

Have you ever made pom pom animals?
Would you like me to make you one?!

3 hellos:

jessica said...

Thank you Vixie, I liked the info on pom-pons.

Siobhan said...

There are some pretty special pom poms in this post. I have not made pom poms in years. I should consider making some soon I think. Too. Much. Inspiration.

Vixie said...

Hi Jess - I'm glad!

We should totally do some pom pom crafting some time very soon, Miss S!

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