move over owls - parrots are the new It Bird

After 20 minutes deliberation, I finally pressed the 'buy' button on this most amazing piece of fabulousness:

Within 5 minutes I had already questioned my decision.

It's pink.
It has no sleeves.
It has parrots on it.

It's what people might, in attempts to be tactful, call 'a statement piece'.

But then I thought about it some more... and I came to this conclusion:
for too long owls have reigned supreme as Kings of the Skies;
for too long have they had the monopoly over other sky-based fauna.
This must change!

Give pink parrots a chance!

{lampwork parrot bead pendant from LandSArts} {parrot earrings by Elizabeth Cole Jewelry}
{felt parrot brooch by Maripili} {quilled parrot by Yulia Brodskaya}

Do you like the pink parrot theme?
Do you think the top is hideous or fabulous?
Be honest with me, people!

7 hellos:

Unknown said...

I love your choices there...........
LoVe iT.........Thanks so much.Cat

pinkbijou said...

Love it!! thank you so much , they are so beautiful!!

Siobhan said...

I like parrots (and your choices are, as always, beautiful) but owls will always have a special place in my heart.

Phil Hatchard said...



Vixie said...

Yippee! I had so much fun putting together all these parrots!

And I know owls are pretty much never going to not be fashionable, but perhaps they could just let some other birds have a bit of a turn...

Anonymous said...

I am so with you! In fact you have inspired me! I've just painted a Macaw to sell on my folksy shop.... the true test will be if that or the owl I painted sells first!

LOVE the stop though.

And you've reminded me I have some ACE parrot jewellery from the 80s I need to dig out!

Vixie said...

Parrots rock my socks, I'm glad you agree, Em!

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