cheering up a sad hallway

The windows in my new flat face west, which is awesome in the evenings, as we can watch the sun set from our living room, but it also means that our hallway area is always pretty dark.

It's not the kind of dark that feels gloomy or scary, it just feels a bit sad. I'd like to cheer it up a bit, and have been looking for inspiration in all my favourite places...

I would utterly love to have unicorns in the hallway
there is nothing bad about Iris Apfel's hallway, seen on Architectural Digest
ingenious hopscotch hall from More! Than Scrap
this kids art centre could be adapted to be slightly more grown up, right?
if only I had the patience to construct a lomo wall like in this photo by Will Cheyney
how wonderful it would be to have maps in the hallway, as seen on Jax Does Design
sensible and cool purple hallway makeover, seen on MadeByGirl
this is officially the most amazing wallpaper ever, trust Anthropologie

How does your hallway look?
Do you think it's an important room to focus on?
Now be honest: do you think I could get away with the unicorns??

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Siobhan said...

I'm not sure about the unicorns, but I do think they are cool but I reckon they would get dusty and be really hard to dust (I am too practical for my own good).

I think hallways are worth focussing on, and that small spaces can often take things you might not try in bigger spaces. A wall with some kind of strong wallpaper or interesting decor could be really cool in a hallway.

Maybe something like a wee bit of blackboard wall to write lovely messages? Or a nice cluster of images (though now that always makes me think of this *bad language alert* which is actually full of stuff I want)

Vixie said...

Darn, perhaps you're right :(

I was thinking about the blackboard idea, but both James and Kaz hate blackboards, and since they're the people who are here most often, I kinda talked myself out of it in the end. My room, however, will defo have some blackboard in it - I love it!

I'll go check out that tumblr right now...

Anonymous said...

I vote unicorn! I was trying to have one made last year for a Studio 54 party actually....mainly because I wanted it!

We have a photo wall similar to the purple hallway one, which filled a massive expanse of plain wall really well. We just chose our photos and had them re-sized and printed at Photo Box.... we got frames from all over so they are very mis-matched, and we laid it all out on the bed first (only flat space big enough in our flat!) to decide on a composition.

We also have a big map picture in the living room..... it's a clever cheat though as we bought a world map piece of wrapping paper from Joy and just popped it in a cheap Habitat frame! I'd love to get lots more and do a while room in them like in the photo. You could back them onto mount board or foamex with spray mount if you didn't want a frame (and it'd be well cheap then!). There's a shop in Old Spitalfields market that sells loads of map wrapping paper.

Ems x

Vixie said...

Yay! I super want unicorns, but they might not work in our new low-ceilinged flat. I can but dream!

I can't wait to construct a photo wall! I need to buy some nice old frames, so it'll be a real mix of different styles. I bet yours looks amazing!

Oooh, will defo check out that shop - I love me some maps!

Elizabeth said...

Siobhan just sent me your way as I just posted about my hallway inspiration too - snap!

I love your mood board particularly the unicorns and the lomo wall. I don't think either would be very practical but awesome all the same.

Vixie said...

Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for visiting! I love those disco stairs you posted, and the fairy lights - perhaps I'll try them out!

Missy said...

We made a picture rail in our hallway! It was very easy and fun. We have so many more pieces of art on the walls now.

Though unicorns would be really exciting, too!

Vixie said...

That looks awesome, Missy! It's definitely going on the ideas list!

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