a splendid Valentine's day out

My Valentine's day wasn't too dissimilar to my perfect Valentine's day in the end, though instead of wearing that delectable mint outfit that I was so in love with, I went with this odd concoction:

*bow top//River Island//£20* *black skirt//Miss Selfridge//$50*
*necklace//$8.50* *heart tights//Pamela Mann//£7.95* *orange cardi//Monsoon//£38*
*boots//Blowfish//£58* *gold nail paint//Barry M//£2.94*

I ordered the tights especially for my V Day lunch with Kazatron and although I also ordered the mint dress,  it just didn't suit me so it's on its way back. I should know by now that pastel colours look ridiculous on me, I just can't help myself when it comes to pretty mint green things...

Before meeting my lunch date, I popped into Lush to buy her a frog prince bath bomb and had a lovely chat with the girls in the store about how Valentines should totally be about friendship rather than silly romantic love. We had a nice chat and a giggle, but I was still super early for my date. Doing the only thing that came to mind - wandering around aimlessly in order to kill time - I found myself lost near Old Street in absolutely no time. It was only the familiar sight of Paul that told me I was finally heading back in the right direction.

Lunch consisted of rigatoni with tomato sauce and mozzarella served on a wooden plate, and talk of a very sensible nature. No sweet nothings whispered here, my friends, talk was of training, bodypump, my ridiculous health and work. All important topics of conversation, it's true, though not entirely Valentine's suited. No matter, for the company was splendid.

After a short bus journey into central London I realised I had gone almost entirely the wrong way, and made my way back towards Soho to visit Paperchase in order to buy myself some pretties. Down winding streets (that I ought now to know) I traipsed until I finally spied the familiar corner station and made my way, past a silver-slathered living statue, towards the small stationers located in one corner of Covent Garden. I was served by a lovely girl with an Eastern European accent and then, warmly content with my purchases, trundled back towards Seven Dials to meet Susie for my second date of the day. We met at Artbox, yet another kawaii sticker emporium. Anyone would think I had an obsession with the things.

If you have ever been to Artbox you will know how addictive a place it is - racks and racks of glittery, furry and holographic stickers peer out at you, and seem to be saying "go on, you know you want me - think how cute I would make your journal look!" I am simply unable to resist. Smiling teeth and brushes, puffy donut animals, water-filled ocean animals and bespectacled rabbits made it into my trusty owl satchel, and after all the excitement of the sticker-a-thon, we decided to retire to a tea shop for much-needed refreshment. Yumchaa was chosen by Susie as our refuge of choice, and what a choice it was - I felt like an extra in Portlandia (and that can only be a good thing)!

Subtly-flavoured Midnight Grey tea and moist carrot cake were consumed and greatly enjoyed. More talk, of a non-Valentine's nature, ensued and it had become dark by the time we realised that it was early evening and we had been busy chatting away for hours. We dozily headed for the tube and talk turned to rhinestones, sequins and fascinators, as is fairly standard whenever we get together.

All in all a pretty splendid day spent with some pretty splendid friends.

2 hellos:

Siobhan said...

It sounds perfect and I am so glad you got the tights - they are incredibly cute!

Vixie said...

It really was lovely - and I think the tights helped a lot :)

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