(semi) quiff-tastic

When I decided to cut off all my hair - OK, not all of it, but 11 inches in length! - I thought it would be kinda like a new start, with a new house and new hair and all that jazz.

What I hadn't bargained for was the odd reaction that my long, thick hair had to being shortened.

And that is: not allowing me to style it in any way without a demi-quiff.
I know, it's not even a full quiff, it's only a partial quiff, an incomplete quiff.

For weeks now I have been perusing the internet for ways to control this half-hairdo and have sunk into the depths of despair upon finding there really is nothing I can do about it until it grows out a bit...

...but then, THEN, I'll be able do this with it:

What magnificent quiffage!

Until then I'll have to accept that I somewhat resemble Andrew Ridgeley from Wham! and.just.get.over.it.

How do you like the quiff?
How else do you think I could style it?

1 hellos:

Animal Cafe said...

Quiff is such a funny word! x

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