RAoK 365: 16 more cheap random acts of kindness

Wow, if you've done one of each of these RAoKs, you'll have done more than 50 random acts of kindness so far! Imagine that! Your Karma rating must be through the roof!

Just in case you need some more ideas, here are a few more RAoKs you can perform for very little money:

>>>cheap random acts of kindness<<<


write a letter of thanks or praise to a local business/institution

buy a bunch of flowers and give them to someone in the street
buy a box of chocolates or candies and offer them around on the train
give change and chocolate coins to a busker
buy some doggy treats and give them to a friend or neighbour with a dog
buy a big box of chocolates and distribute them in the pigeonholes at work

leave a larger than normal tip for someone who has given you excellent service

list a PIF item in your online shop

bake cookies for your work mates

send someone a bunch of flowers by mail

feed the birds


2 hellos:

Siobhan said...

I might do the pigeon holes one next week. I think it could cheer people up a bit when they need it most!

Vixie said...

I think it would - it always perks up morning staffroom briefings!

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