my perfect Valentine's day

It might sound a little sad, but I've never really "done" Valentine's Day, and I can only recall one that has properly stuck in my memory. If I could choose how my Valentine's Day goes, it'd plan it to go something like this...

Wake up after a nice lie-in and snuggle with this little one {1}, to be greeted by {2} or {3} and perhaps have {4} {5} or {6} for breakfast.

After a relaxing bath with {7} and {8} and spritzing myself with {9},

I'd get dressed up like this:

{1} {2} {3} {4} {5} {6} {7} {8} {9}

...and then have a lovely refreshing cup of tea using {15} {16} {17}.

Perhaps I would be greeted on my way out the door by the postman with one of these lovelies just for me {18} {19} {20} {21} {22} {23}

...and I would then make my way somewhere special to meet up with someone lovely
{24 is Kaz!} to relax here {25}, drink this {26} and eat some of these {27} {28} {29}.

Since it's a day of treats, I might buy myself something pretty like {30} {31} {32} {33} {34} {35}.

For dinner, {36} or {37} served on {38} with {39} {40} and {41} afterwards, just for good measure.

Phew, it'll be an exhausting day!

What would your perfect Valentine's day look like?

3 hellos:

Claire said...

At the risk of sounding gooey, my favourite Valentines is the one I get to spend with my Matthew. It's the first year we've not been away (last three were Brighton, Dublin, Puerto de Mogan) so it's strange not to have the whole day, but am looking forward to dinner and snuggles later!

Happy V day, lovely Vixie!

Siobhan said...

I have no idea what my ideal Valentine's day would be as I don't fully engage with it BUT I do want to wear those Pamela Mann tights next Valentine's day (and maybe the rest of the gorgeous outfit too!)

Vixie said...

I bought them and wore them when I took Kaz out for lunch - they are super duper!

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