my life list #1

Sometimes I feel as though my childhood was just yesterday, while other days I feel much older than my years. There's no getting away from it: I am getting older, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to become a grown up one of these days. 2012 is the last year of my 20's. This time next year I'll be 30. Sheesh.

With that in mind, I thought I would share with you my life list. It would be a 30 before 30, but there are more than 30 things on it, and a lot of them I probably won't get to do before I'm 30. I've marked the ones I have already completed in 
green and the ones that I'm currently working towards are in orange...

start (and maintain) a blog
start (and maintain) a business
make macarons, preferably pistachio flavour
grow my hair really long then donate it to Locks of Love
read the books I have in my shelves that I have not yet read
have a solo exhibition of my art
get into the habit of exercising every day
stop stressing over little things
take part in a 365 project
be proud of myself and my achievements
learn to forgive people

travel to 30 countries
take my parents on a gondola ride in Venice
take part in a flash mob
fix my LCA and take it with me everywhere
learn a new language
feed lemurs at the zoo
successfully keep a journal
run 5k+ outside of the gym
illustrate a book
learn how to build a webpage
see the Northern Lights
stop biting my nails
see Eurovision live
hot air balloon ride
make 1000 origami cranes
partake in as many charity activities as possible
start a pension
knit a cardigan
start my Masters degree
sew at least one dress
learn to roller skate
plan a roadtrip
save enough money for a deposit on a house
take my first steps towards a proper career
take a course in silversmithing or cobbling
make my own jam
do an art stall at a fair
have a little vegetable garden
sing on stage in a choir
bake a wedding cake
reconnect with a long lost friend
live in another country
make a time capsule
host a craft party
send a message in a bottle
host Christmas
stay in an ice hotel or an igloo
walk up a waterfall
learn to tap dance
write thank you letters to my old teachers
fly a kite on Hampstead Heath
take afternoon tea at the Savoy
visit Antarctica
climb the Eiffel tower
visit the pyramids in Egypt
celebrate Day of the Dead in Mexico
spend Christmas in Lapland
build up an amazing studio
make a gallery wall in my home
go fossil-hunting
see a volcano erupt
have a family

...well, that's it so far - phew!

Any of these on your life list?

4 hellos:

Sarah said...

Well, I can help with the cardigan! We really should meet up and knit one day soon :)

Vixie said...

Hurrah! Yes, we must! I'm still all up in the air with unpacking stuff, but certainly sometime soon!

Siobhan said...

Wow - that is quite a list and lots done already!

Vixie said...

I'd not really seen it like that - I guess I have done quite a few of them! yay!

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