must have Monday: Hairy Growler jewellery

It was my friend Laura's birthday a few weeks ago, and her boyfriend Phil bought her the most gorgeous owl brooch from Hairy Growler. The brooch is utterly unique - it's been carved out of the bowl of a spoon! He went for the sleepy looking owl - and I think he made the right choice!

Enter a world where pennies become pendants and cutlery becomes couture.

"Everything we create is unique, ‘one-off’, and utterly beautiful; we take the old and discarded and transform them into wearable, sparkling, original pieces of jewellery, guaranteed to get you noticed." 

Not only is every piece of jewellery made by Les beautifully hand-crafted and completely adorable, every item is made from 100% recycled raw materials - Victorian spoons and forks, pre 1919 English coins, and other sterling silver - and each item comes packaged with the original piece of metal that they were cut from - bonus!

Have a look at some of my favourites - and trust me, these were hard to choose since everything is so awesome!

{gecko brooch // £78} {owl necklace // £175} {owl brooch // £68}
{hare bracelet // £108} {hare cufflinks // £95} {vixen necklace // £85}
{spring brooch // £46} {octopus necklace // £96} {pixie brooch // £48}

And check out these work in progress pictures - it's so awesome to see how they were made, non?

{1/ flower fork bangle // £68} {2/ flower brooch // £28} {3/ bird ring // £88} {4/ dove brooch // £44}
{5/ tree brooch // £98} {6/ mushroom brooch // £88} {7/ summer blossom necklace // £98} {8/ mermaid necklace // £88}

>>>check out the rest of the shop here<<<

*this is not a sponsored post, I genuinely love this jewellery!

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