gallery wall lovin'

I read an awful lot of blogs about interiors and interior design. Whether they be sensible blogs showing tutorials and practical information or purely for aesthetic pleasure, I am pretty much addicted to them.
What do I do when I'm feeling a bit down?
You'll find me on Pinterest.
Checking out interiors.
For realz.

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And my favourite trend at the moment is the gallery wall. Oh man, I love them, and I desperately want one. I have masses of artworks, some purchased myself and many that were gifts from my art school buddies. It would be great to be able to display them properly, rather than just propped up against shelves like they have been for years.

Now that I have a nice long wall in my new house it should be possible. It's not a very high wall, and I'm a little concerned that filling the space with frames might make it seem much smaller or make the ceiling seem much lower, but I guess the only way to know for sure is to try it out... and now I know what I'll be doing over the half term holidays next week, woo!

How do you feel about this trend? Do you have a gallery wall of your own?

3 hellos:

Phil Hatchard said...

Do it! We need to add to our photo-wall at the moment. It's pretty much as it is when we first put it up.

Claire said...

I have the perfect wall in mind in our (well, hopefully our) house. Love this trend!

Vixie said...

I love your photo wall, Phil! I can't wait to see it with more stuff on :) and I can't wait to start my ownnnnn!

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