RAoK 365: 16 cheap random acts of kindness

Free random acts of kindness {1} {2} are all well and good, as are donations - but sometimes you can do some excellent RAoKs for just a very small amount of money.

...here are some cheap but awesome RAoKs:

>>>cheap random acts of kindness<<<

make soup for someone who is sick
give chocolate coins to bank clerks
put sweeties in all of your parcels/letters - even boring ones like bills
give a homeless person a hat or some socks
buy something from someone's online wedding list
buy something from someone's Amazon wishlist
stick lollipops to all of your neighbours' front doors
bake someone a cake unexpectedly
pay for the cup of coffee for whoever is behind you in the queue
buy the barman a drink
leave a pound in a payphone
join the Toy Society
leave a pound in a vending machine
leave change in a machine at the launderette
slip a lottery ticket under a neighbours door


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