on pushing the boundaries of the work dress code

I'm pretty much almost a grown-up now. I have a cat. I have a sensible job in a high school Maths department. I'm just about to move into a sensible house, which will be furnished pretty sensibly. And yet I still find it really difficult to dress sensibly for work.

For a couple of months when I first started it was all very formal: I would wear knee-length skirts with crisp blouses, and smart jumpers when it was cold. Over the last three years this has gradually changed - certainly for the better - and lately I've started wearing pretty much anything I like in a (very quiet) attempt to push the boundaries. It is fascinating to see just how much I can get away with, and it certainly makes work more fun...

Green jeans? That's fine! 
Pink converses instead of "proper" shoes? No worries!

Since my role in school is both formal and informal, requires me to be both a responsible adult and someone the kids can talk to about "issues", it makes the whole area rather grey. I guess there's no real set-in-stone rules about what I can and can't wear - and thankfully nothing of the sort is mentioned in my contract. No-one has ever said anything about my appearance at work, and as long as I'm not too silly about it I doubt it'll be a problem. In fact, the only times I have ever had a reaction were when I have been dressed sensibly: Shift dress? Heeled shoes? What's wrong with you, Vix? Why are you dressed so properly?

My glittery cardigans, neon shoes, outrageous colour-combinations and Scandinavian-inspired hairstyles are a constant source of amusement for my colleagues - and I wouldn't think of bringing an end to their enjoyment - but things have got a bit samey now and I've run out of ideas... any suggestions?

How do you dress for work?
Do you have a dress code?

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The Tote Trove said...

I love this post! Everything you described sounds exactly like my work wear experience (expect that I'm an office worker instead of a teacher). I too have always starterd out dressing conservatively only to gradually introduce wackiness until there's no turning back! And yes, no one has ever said anything expect when I'm not walking around like a rainbow. Ever since joining the blogosphere I've discovered that there are women all over the world like me, which is very inspiring. So, I don't really have any suggestions for new looks. Just keep wearing what your heart tells you to and rock on :)

Vixie said...

Hey Tracy! I'm pretty sure the working world would be a dull place without the likes of us mild eccentrics snazzing the place up a bit!

I'm glad to hear there are plenty more of us though - and I'll let you know if I get away with anything particularly outrageous!

Siobhan said...

Sounds brilliant. I think I could be quite flexible. Wearing jeans never feels like it is pushing the boundaries enough so an a-symetric plaid yellow skirt seems perfect.

Long many it rein!

Vixie said...

Yay for yellow! I've not yet worn my yellow jeans - I think that might turn a few heads!

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