on my bookshelf this month

I realise it's been a long while since I did an 'on my bookshelf' type post, but I can assure you it's not because I've been napping, drawing rabbits, playing with Yoyo or sitting about listening to Eurovision whenever I have had spare time since August... teehee, honest!

So, what's on my bookshelf this month?

have you read any of these?

what's on your bookshelf this month?

2 hellos:

Siobhan said...

Are the 44 Scotland Street books any good? I have been wondering if it is worth reading them so would love to hear!

I also have "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" in my amazon cart right now so would love to hear what you think of that too!

Vixie said...

They are fantastic! Plus they're set in Edinburgh and I'm so in love with the city.

I've just finished reading it - would you like my copy? Will you be at Laura's at the weekend - I can bring it?

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