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Hi Nicola! Thanks for agreeing to answer a few questions - would you like to introduce yourself and let Matin Lapin readers know what you do?

I'm a creative person living in Manchester. I have a small studio in the flat I share with my better half in Didsbury, South Manchester. I work as an illustrator and graphic designer and sell my own products on Etsy.

Cool beans. How long have you been drawing/painting/crafting, and how did you first get into it?

I have been creative and bossy my whole life. I didn't realize that I could combine the two until I picked up a copy of Frankie magazine whilst backpacking in Australia and my boyfriend suggested I enroll on a graphic design degree upon our return to England.

Oooh, I love Frankie! And that's such an inspiring story! So presumably you did go on to study for an art degree?

Yep, I studied Design & Art Direction at Manchester Metropolitan. Bought a Mac, taught myself how to use it to my advantage and crammed in loads of work experience at ad agencies, design agencies, and with a skateboarding magazine in London. I've always been able to draw - but formal drawing classes that I took during my American education years really helped hone my skillz.

You have a bunch of different stuff in your shop at the moment - how do you think your work changed since you started?

I think over the past year I've become more confident in not only what I'm good at but recognising what I'm bad at.

That's pretty neat. I'm intrigued to know where you get your inspiration from and who inspires you?

This is always a difficult question because I always end up sounding really cliche... I don't necessarily carry a sketchbook everywhere - I have a page a day Moleskine diary which is made up of lists and notes to myself - I also have a book/folder which I stuff random things/paper that I think could be useful for when I'm stuck. Mostly though something will enter my brain and sit there until I draw it. Right now, it's noses. That's because a very drunk friend of mine over new years said to me, "why do you have to draw animals? Why don't you draw something different... like noses?" (shortly after, she fell off a chair)

That's a pretty original answer! And what is your favourite project or item in your shop, and why?

My cards - because I feel they're most representative of my thoughts and ideas.

Other than painting/drawing/sewing/crafting what else do you like to do?

Read, run, and look at dogs.

Nice. Finally, let's finish off with an interesting fact about yourself...

I was born in Wales, spent nine years (from age 9-18) in the USA, and now I live with a Yorkshire man. My accent is a total mixed bag.

Thank you so much for all that, Nicola!

If you would like to see more of Nicola's work, check her out here...

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