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My first ever 'my favourite things this week' post included a teeny tiny Yeti sculpture made by Meg of Red & Main..., months later, I'm sharing an interview with Meg about all her awesome pretties, including yetis of course!

Hey Meg! Thanks for agreeing to do this! First off, would you like to introduce yourself to Matin Lapin readers?

Hi! My name is Meg and I’m a ceramic artist and monster wrangler from Washington, DC.

Blimey, monster wrangler?? That sounds pretty neat! How did you first get into making tiny clay monsters?

I took my first ceramics class in high school. I was lucky to have an incredibly awesome teacher (holler, Mrs. Messina) who inspired me to push my boundaries and experiment with new techniques and ideas. After that class, I knew that ceramic art would always be a part of my life.

Good ol' Mrs. Messina! Other than classes with her, do you have any other formal training or did you pretty much teach yourself?

I’ve taken random ceramic art courses throughout my adult life in an attempt to bring clay into my everyday experience. When I was working a fancy corporate job, I’d work all day and take a class at night for stress relief. I don’t, however, have a degree in art.

I honestly don't think a degree in art is necessary to be a creative, I think some of my favourite artists/crafters are self-taught. Since you've been using clay since high school, how do you think your work changed since you started, if at all?

I think I’ve skewed more… bright and imaginary since I’ve started. I really love making little monsters – they can be made any way I want them. I’m really excited for 2012 because I’m going to be branching out and incorporating ceramic pieces with mixed media. I recently went on a craft store supplies binge for my new pieces – I can’t wait to get started!

I love your yetis and little monsters, I can't wait to see your mixed media pieces too! Where did you get your inspiration for them from?

Right now I’m really loving dia de los muertos dioramas – the bright colors and the fantastic figures are right up my alley. Hopefully this gives everyone a clue as to where my new work is headed. I’m also inspired by my husband; he’s been so incredibly supportive of both me and my business. On days when I’m feeling frustrated, a good word from him can do wonders.

I super love Día de los Muertos stuff too - I went to a Halloween party last year in calavera make-up, it was such fun to research! Other than your newest project, what's your favourite item in your shop, and why?

It’s so hard to pick just one thing – it’s like asking a mother to choose her favorite child. I do love chubby animals, so I’m quite partial to my Fat Unicorn, as well as my Emoti-Monster, Over-Stuffed. More of them to love, right?

Yes, I guess so! I've never really thought about it like that! So when you're not playing with clay or designing new monsters, what else do you like to do?

When I’m not sculpting or painting, I’m probably at the gym, with a friend, eating good food or drinking wine. I also love curling up with my cat and a good book.

That sounds like a perfect day off to me! Finally, would you like to share an interesting fact about yourself with us?

Hmmm… interesting thing about me? I used to be a national-level synchronized swimmer. I think that’s pretty interesting.

Woah, that's super interesting! I'm crazy jealous - I love watching synchronised swimming on TV! Thank you again so much for answering my questions, and good luck with all your new projects!

If you would like to read more about Meg, you can find her here:

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